Highly Qualified Deck Installer Serving Charlottesville, VA

George After (2) []If you require the services of a professional deck installer and live in or near Charlottesville, Virginia, then turn to Integrity Home Services. We are highly proficient in all aspects of residential decking installation and specialize in installing composite decks from Trex® – the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative deck products. Why use Trex® as opposed to a conventional decking material like treated wood? Simply put, Trex® is significantly more durable than wood and requires absolutely zero maintenance. Every Trex® deck is impervious to the types of natural phenomena that threaten wood, namely moisture, direct sun exposure, freezing, thawing, fire, and insects. While it’s true that Trex® boards do cost a bit more than wood initially, you will actually save a good deal a money by not having to perform any kind of deck maintenance such as staining or painting. Plus, 95 percent of all Trex® decking is derived from recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly option that you can feel good about. Other eco-friendly practices that Trex® follows include the use of vegetable-based oil hydraulics in its trailers and sourcing its sawdust from locally reclaimed wood. To produce the composite boards that ultimately go into creating a Trex® deck, Trex® doesn’t have to cut down a single tree. For additional information about Trex® and the superiority of its wood-alternative products, contact Integrity Home Services. As a certified TrexPRO®, we can confidently state that we are highly knowledgeable about all Trex® products and can build you a deck in Charlottesville, VA, that surpasses your every expectation.

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