Why Hire a TrexPro Decking Contractor in Charlottesville, VA?

Trex DeckTrex® is the #1 brand of wood-alternative composite decking in the world. Homeowners in Charlottesville, VA, use it because it is a high-performance, low-maintenance product that significantly increases the amount of enjoyment they are able to get out of spending more time outdoors. Unlike treated wood, Trex® decking has a protective outer shell, protecting it against rotting, warping, splitting, fading, staining, termite damage, and myriad other headaches that homeowners who have wood decks commonly experience. Nevertheless, only by having your Trex® decking installed by a TrexPro will you be able to take full advantage of this innovative wood alternative. A TrexPro is a deck-building contractor that has taken proactive steps to become well-versed in Trex® decking and its various installation requirements. To become a TrexPro, a deck building professional must have a state contractor’s license as well as the state-required general liability insurance. In addition, the deck builder must build a minimum of three decks using Trex® products, each one having to receive a passing grade by a Trex® company representative. A TrexPro contractor is a member of an elite group of contractors who have been trained in how to install one of the world’s most celebrated decking materials. Hiring a TrexPro contractor to build your new deck will give you the assurance that you are hiring a company that is committed to using a superior product, and to installing that product in a manner consistent with your practical needs and design objectives. To find a TrexPro decking contractor in the Charlottesville, VA, area, go to www.trex.com/find-a-contractor and enter the name of your city or ZIP code.