Experienced Painting Contractors Serving Charlottesville, VA & the Surrounding Area

Painting Contractors Charlottesville VAThe problem with most exterior painting contractors in Charlottesville, Virginia, is that they typically offer only an extremely narrow range of services. They will do a fine job painting your home but lack the ability to do much else, such as repair your gutters, replace your windows, or install new shingles. This can be frustrating, as it forces the homeowner in need of multiple exterior renovations to hire as many as three to five separate contractors and coordinate how they are supposed to work together.

At Integrity Home Services, we bring considerably more to the table than the vast majority of painting contractors serving the Charlottesville, VA, area. We are a full-service exterior remodeler – a trusted company that a homeowner can rely on to provide a wide range of services. Also, our approach differs from many painting contractors as it heavily emphasizes:

  • Communication – From the first time we speak to the day your project is completed, you will benefit from working with highly experienced home improvement professionals who value open, honest, and frequent communication.
  • Flexibility – Integrity Home Services is a nimble company that offers its customers a high degree of flexibility. Though committed to process, we recognize the importance of being able to adapt to changing circumstances and think creatively.
  • Guidance – Unlike some painting contractors who can be a bit unimaginative, our team is always open to taking different approaches. We will provide you honest, unbiased guidance and educate you on your various painting options.
  • Choices – Using your budget as a guide, we can suggest a range of products from different manufacturers and bring samples to show you.

Contact Integrity Home Services to learn more about how we compare to other painting contractors serving the Charlottesville, VA, area. In addition to house painting, our other specialties include exterior trim repair and replacement, roof repair and replacement, siding repair and replacement, and finish carpentry.