The Disadvantages of Putting Wood Siding on Your Home in Charlottesville, VA

Hiring a contractor to install wood siding on your home in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a decision you will likely regret in the not-too-distant future. Why is this so? Although it is a relatively inexpensive type of siding, in the long run, wood simply isn’t as durable as siding made out of, say, metal, vinyl, or fiber cement. Wood siding periodically has to be caulked and painted because of exposure to the elements, and perhaps most problematically, wood is highly vulnerable to catching fire and being eaten away by termites. At Integrity Home Services, a full-service home improvement contractor in Charlottesville, VA, we specialize in the installation of a brand of siding that is superior to wood siding in just about every conceivable way. This brand is James Hardie – the undisputed leader in the development of beautiful, long-lasting siding made of fiber cement. James Hardie fiber cement siding is a high-performance product that is inherently capable of withstanding year after year of weather exposure without looking any worse for wear. Rain, snow, sun, fire, termites: none of these natural phenomena pose a risk to fiber cement the way they do to wood. Re-siding your home with fiber cement as opposed to wood is a sure way to get the most of your siding investment. For more information about James Hardie fiber cement and why it is such an excellent alternative to wood siding, contact Integrity Home Services. We are a full-service siding installation company serving Charlottesville, VA, and nearby communities.

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